The average MLQ player spent roughly $750 last season on dues, equipment and travel based on costs tracked by various MLQ managers. These considerable costs caused a financial strain on some of our athletes. In an effort to ensure all members of our league have the opportunity to experience the season to the fullest, we decided to take action and create the MLQ Athlete Sponsorship Program.

While exact numbers are still up in the air, we plan to have at least one player per MLQ team listed as an “eligible athlete” for the program each season. These players will be nominated by managers, the individuals closest to the athletes and, we believe, the most capable of judging financial need. However, players are welcome to approach the managers or the league themselves and ask to be nominated for the program. Sponsors are also able to contact the league and request to sponsor a MLQ player who is not listed as an eligible athlete.

In addition to financial need, an individual’s ability to represent the values of MLQ—innovation, respect for others, integrity and teamwork—will also be taken into consideration. The athletes highlighted should be and will be ambassadors of the league and the sport as a whole.

Sponsors will be recruited by the league, and the sponsorships, at least for the foreseeable future, will only last for one season. However, if you and your sponsor hit it off and decide to continue the partnership for future seasons, we will alert them if you roster in the future. We also wholeheartedly encourage players to carry this partnership with them into the USQ/IQA season if the possibility presents itself.

MLQ was created to foster superlative athletes and elevate the sport as a whole. We believe this mission should not be compromised by financial limitation and hope that the introduction of the MLQ Athlete Sponsorship Program will ensure every player in our league is granted the opportunity to experience the season as intended.


If you’re an individual or company interested in sponsoring a future MLQ player, contact for more information.