All 16 teams will advance to the MLQ Championship, held in League City, Texas on August 20-21. Over the course of two days, the teams will compete across two tournament phases until one team remains to be crowned champion.

Tournament Draw

The draw for Saturday of the MLQ Championship will take place on the weekend of August 13-14. In the draw, the teams will be sorted into four pots, with their placement decided by the position they finished in their division. The four division champions will comprise Pot 1, the four runners-up will make up Pot 2, and so on.

Four pods of four will then be drawn, with each pod containing one team from each pot. No one pod can have two teams from the same division. The four pods themselves will also be drawn onto the greater championship bracket, with two pods on one side of the bracket, and two pods on the other. The full schedule can be found here.

Saturday: Double Elimination within Pods

On day one of the MLQ championship, each pod will be its own, separate double elimination bracket. In the first round of the bracket, the pod’s Pot 1 team will face the pod’s Pot 4 team, and the pod’s Pot 2 team will take on the pod’s Pot 3 team. From there, each pod will proceed like a standard double elimination bracket, including an “if necessary” game if the winner’s bracket champion loses to the loser’s bracket champion in the first game of the finals. At the end of day one, each of the four pods will be complete, leaving four teams remaining in the championship bracket. A sample of a single pod’s bracket is outlined below.

Note: This is a sample distribution of divisions within a bracket, and not a finalized drawing of a pod.



Sunday: Semifinals, Consolation Matches and the Finals

The final four teams will be matched up by the side of the bracket their pod was on, with the two teams coming out of the left side of the bracket facing off in one semifinal, and the two teams coming out of the right side of the bracket facing off in the other. In the morning, the two semifinals series will alternate games, with both semifinals being best 2-of-3. The winners of the two semifinals will advance to the best 2-of-3 final, played in the late afternoon. Between the semifinals and finals, the 12 teams eliminated on Saturday will each play a consolation game against a team from another division that was knocked out in the same round as them, to encourage the maximum number of competitive, interdivision games.