Seasonal Officials, EMT Compensation Increase

We can never thank our referees and snitches enough for the work that they do to keep our sport fair and enjoyable. To bolster incentives and stimulate growth in officials, MLQ will be increasing compensation per game for referees and snitches for this coming season. Compensation per game across referee and snitch positions this summer […]

Rule and Gameplay Updates for 2017 Unveiled

  We in the MLQ Gameplay Department are always looking for ways to help move quidditch forward through policy and rule changes. Our timeout rule, originated during our 2015 season, has been met with unanimous positive responses, while our overtime snitch policies changed between our 2015 and 2016 seasons as we worked to get closer […]

Practice Squads Come to MLQ

Update: Based on feedback received from MLQ staff, potential players and spectators, MLQ has updated and further clarified our practice policy. You can find the full 2017 policy on practice and the practice squad here. At MLQ, we understand the value of preparing for the future. While 30-player teams are quite deep to begin with, […]