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The average MLQ player spends roughly $750 on dues, equipment and travel. This causes a financial strain on some of our athletes. In an effort to ensure all members of our league have the opportunity to experience the season to the fullest, we created the MLQ Athlete Advancement Program.

The featured athletes at the top of this page are those that embrace the entire MLQ experience—training, competition and community involvement—and want to share it with others. After all, since so much time is spent preparing to compete than actually competing it only makes sense to enjoy the entire process, and not just focus on the wins.

Beyond competition, these players represent the values of MLQ—they're innovative, respectful of others and exhibit integrity and teamwork. They are ambassadors of the sport and active in their community.

Due to the high amount of turnover MLQ sees, you will support your chosen athlete for one season. However, if you end up building what you deem a lasting partnership with an athlete, we can set up an alert system to contact you if the player rosters for future seasons.

Remember, every little bit helps, so please take a moment to check out the stories of our athletes below and available program levels. If you find an athlete you would like support, click the donate button below their image and enter the amount you wish to donate. If you would rather donate to the league as whole, see our League Partnership Program.