Hello and welcome to the inaugural fantasy quidditch season for Major League Quidditch! This is the first attempt at an online, customizable fantasy quidditch league, using two specific fantasy formats: Player Draft and Pick ‘Em, To participate in fantasy quidditch for free, simply click this link to sign up on our website.

Our system offers two particular ways to play:

Player Draft

Our player draft style allows you to draft your favorite MLQ players every week to create your own fantasy team. Your team will consist of:

  • 1 Keeper
  • 1 Seeker
  • 1 Female* Chaser
  • 1 Female Beater
  • 1 Male Beater
  • 2 Male Chasers

* Due to limitations of the FanVictor plugin, we are unable to list genders outside of female and male. If you notice you are mislabeled within the system, please contact

Every Saturday before midnight, you can draft your favorite players from any MLQ team playing the following weekend. For those familiar with fantasy sports, MLQ’s fantasy quidditch league will run its player draft comparably to the daily fantasy style (DFS) commonly found in companies like FanDuel. However, our format is entirely free.

When you enter yourself into a league, you will be prompted to draft your team. Every participant will have a salary cap of $150 to spend on players. The price of each player will be dependent on their current worth, determined by some of the best strategic minds from all over the country.

When you draft a high-value player, keep in mind that you MUST fill out your entire roster before you can submit your entry into your league. A complete roster requires a keeper, a seeker, a female gender chaser, a female gender beater, a male beater and two male chasers. The position of the player is determined by MLQ and will remain the same for an entire season. Unfortunately our drafting system can only assign players to one gender and one position, but players can still accumulate points for any statistic that is attributed to their performance on pitch. Keeping these rules in mind, you will need to strategize your selections, prioritize some utility players and predict which of the lesser known players will score big.

The scoring categories and values observed this season are as followed:

  • Quaffle goals = 10 points
  • Quaffle turnovers = -3 points
  • Quaffle takeaways = 3 points
  • Quaffle blocks = 1 point
  • Quaffle assists = 6 points
  • Beats = 2 points
  • Beater forced quaffle turnovers = 4 points
  • Missed beats = -1 point
  • Seeker catches = 30 points

Quaffle goals are recorded when a player scores a goal. Quaffle turnovers are deducted when a quaffle player loses quaffle possession to the other team (throw off-pitch, fumble, thrown interception, etc.). A quaffle takeaway is when a quaffle player takes possession of the quaffle from the other team (interception, fumble recovery, etc.). A quaffle block occurs when a player deflects the opposing team’s shot or pass. A quaffle assist is recorded when the pass made by a quaffle player directly results in a goal. Every successful beat will be recorded for the beater that threw the bludger (double beats will be scored twice).  Conversely, every missed beat will be recorded as a deduction. Beater forced quaffle turnovers will be counted every time a beat directly results in a turnover in possession. Lastly, every seeker catch will count for the same, standardized amount, regardless of when the catch was made (regulation, overtime or double-overtime).

It is important to note that every player in your line-up can gather any statistic. For example, if a player drafted as a keeper also played seeker in that week’s series, any stat that player gathers will be accounted for in his or her final point total for the contest, regardless of position. Naturally, this gives more value to players that are utilized to play multiple positions.

Fantasy teams will be scored in collaboration with MLQ Gameplay, to obtain the above statistics as accurately as possible. MLQ Fantasy will not be recording the stats, nor will we be updating the stats live on our fantasy website.

We will aim to release the results of fantasy contests the following week after the next weekend of games, and all statistic updates, if any, will be made Thursday evenings and will immediately reflect the previous week’s contests scores. The results of contests can be seen in your Fantasy account. Of course, statistical errors occur all the time in fantasy sports, and while we will aim to be precise, mistakes will happen. We also understand that since this is the first attempt, there will be unaddressed outliers and unforeseen situations. We will still adhere to these scoring categories and point values for the rest of the season, for the sake of consistency. However, we always welcome feedback.


Pick ‘Em

MLQ Fantasy will also be offering a second fantasy game format where you can pick teams to win games and/or series every week of the entire season. You will have the flexibility to pick winners for single games, or winners of entire series. This game can be created on the page. The Pick ‘Em rules are fairly simple: each correct pick awards the user 1 point, and whoever picks the most correct games wins. In a Pick ‘Em contest that features series, each correct pick of the winner of a series earns one point for the fantasy team. In a Pick ‘Em contest that features the games within each series, each correct pick of a game earns one point for the fantasy team.

Pick ‘Em contests can be created to compete against your friends, co-workers or anyone else that is willing to join.


More on the MLQ Fantasy Team

The MLQ Fantasy Team will do its best to provide you with content to facilitate an exemplary fantasy quidditch experience. We will keep up-to-date player reports to track injuries, pricing and other factors, as well as release a weekly summary and a weekly players ranking, which help determine the prices of players for the following weekend. Every game is free, so please ignore any reference to payouts or billing that you might see throughout the website.

While fantasy sports are ultimately just a big game of luck and a crap shoot of predictions, MLQ Fantasy will try to be objective in its analysis and rankings. Our team has statisticians from all over the country providing preeminent insight into a team’s gameplay, strategy and statistics. We will use previous trends in playing time, game statistics, injuries, team strategy and anything else we can find to make the most accurate rankings possible.

This is the first time an organization has taken a legitimate shot at fantasy quidditch and we hope our recency will temper your expectations. That being said, we are just as capable as we are passionate and we are very optimistic that we provide the best experience of fantasy quidditch possible.

We are committed to improving your experience at every opportunity and welcome any feedback. If you have any comments, concerns or constructive feedback, do not hesitate to email us at

On behalf of MLQ, we would like to thank FanVictor for its support in making fantasy quidditch a reality. We look forward to working with everyone involved to place the building blocks for MLQ fantasy quidditch for years to come. Cheers and good luck!