MLQ Delay of Game Alterations

Major League Quidditch is dedicated to the development of continued innovation within quidditch gameplay. With that goal in mind, the league is instituting the following additional regulations and changes to USQ Rulebook 9 section 3.3.6. “Delay of Game” for implementation in the exhibition match being played in Washington D.C. on Saturday, August 27th 2016. This […]

How to Host Your Own MLQ Viewing Party

While MLQ has expanded its reach to include the South and West this year, there are still plenty of quidditch players and fans that can’t make it to an MLQ match series this summer. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay on the sidelines.Thanks to the rise of livestreaming, fans from all over can […]

2016 MLQ Championship Team Update

  The Ottawa Black Bears and Rochester Whiteout have both formally forfeited their spots in the 2016 MLQ Championship in League City, Texas on Aug. 20-21. In response to the two forfeits, The MLQ Gameplay Department took into consideration the following factors: proximity to championship; impact on the remaining teams; preservation of the tournament’s integrity; […]

Phoenix Sol Forfeits August 6 Series

The Phoenix Sol will forfeit their series on August 6 against the Los Angeles Guardians due to a lack of available players. All three matches will be considered 60*-0 victories for the Guardians in the league’s standings as outlined in the MLQ Forfeit Policy. “We, regrettably, will be forced to forfeit our series against the Guardians due to […]

League Statement on Potential Code of Conduct Violation

Last month, allegations of sexual assault against Los Angeles Guardians chaser Alex Scheer were posted on a public forum. Following the initial claim, Major League Quidditch opened an investigation into the matter, temporarily suspending Scheer. In the days that followed, another accusation against Scheer came to light. After receiving multiple statements from parties close to […]

Working Out without a Gym

School’s out for summer. But for some, that means gym time is over too. While student athletes can take advantage of college gyms during the school year, most local gyms don’t offer monthly memberships for the summer. Or perhaps you have too many other financial obligations to afford the expense. But that’s no reason to […]

MLQ Introduces Injury Reserve to Championship Rosters

  The MLQ Gameplay Department has been working hard to prepare for the upcoming MLQ Championship in League City, Texas. In preparation for the event and with the safety of our athletes in mind, we have decided to open three additional rosters spots per team dedicated solely to injury reserve. As described in the rule […]

League Statement on Potential Code of Conduct Violation

  At Major League Quidditch, we take all accusations of rape and sexual assault seriously. We must also provide due process to the accused. The league will be opening an investigation into the accusations made against Los Angeles Guardians chaser Alex Scheer. Until the investigation is complete, Scheer will be placed under temporary suspension from […]

Mobility and Why it Matters

Like super foods and clean eating, mobility is one of those trendy yet esoteric terms popping up everywhere in the sports and fitness industries. So what does it actually mean? Mobility is the body’s ability to move freely and easily. Joint mobility is incredibly important for sports performance; inadequate hip mobility can lead to a shortened […]

MLQ Draft Board: Shots in the East

By Emily Hickmott With the Copa América wrapped up and the European Championship finals this Sunday, we felt it was apropos to view some fantasy picks through the lens of the most popular sport in the world: fútbol. Below, we’ve compared players from the East division to different soccer players in order to help navigate […]