Phoenix Sol Forfeits July 9 Series

The Phoenix Sol will forfeit their series on July 9 against the Salt Lake City Hive due to a lack of available players. All three matches will be considered 60*-0 victories for Salt Lake in the league’s standings as outlined in the MLQ Forfeit Policy. “Due to our undersized roster and associated injuries, we have […]

Sick Gains: Training when Under the Weather

By Sarah McGowan So your summer training is going great. You haven’t missed a workout and you have been meeting all of your performance goals. You were playing well in Fantasy tournaments and MLQ series. Then one day you come down with an illness. What do you do next? Can you still workout? If you […]

Beat the Heat: Outdoor Exercise in the Summer

By Sarah McGowan Summer: great for the beach, barbecues and pool parties…not so great for outdoor exercise. Even though you may be tempted to hide in your air-conditioned gym from June to August, it’s actually better to let your body get used to the harsh summer heat now…especially if you’re training for an August tournament […]

Overkill: How to Fight Overtraining

By Sarah McGowan Whether you’re focused on the Benepe Cup or Regionals next year, chances are you’re going to spend your summer getting fit for quidditch. But before you schedule yourself for two-a-days every day, remember that too much too soon can be just as detrimental as not training at all. According to the National […]

How to Set Summer Fitness Goals and Meet Them

By Sarah McGowan Summertime and the livin’ is easy…maybe for Ella Fitzgerald but not for quidditch players. Off-season workouts often come with stagnated gains or a few less trips to the gym than you wanted. Sometimes you won’t even touch a broom, bludger or quaffle in weeks. But it doesn’t have to be that way. […]

Fantasy Quidditch Weekly Rankings: 18 JUNE 2016

Editor’s Note: The players listed at each position are ones selected by the MLQ Fantasy Team to be worth more than the baseline $10. If a player is on their team’s roster but not listed below, then they are worth $10 in the draft. By Harrison Prince Fantasy Statistician MLQ and fantasy quidditch are entering their […]

Fantasy Quidditch Weekly Rankings: 4 JUNE 2016

Editor’s Note: This article was written prior to the rescheduling of the Los Angeles Guardians vs Phoenix Sol. We decided to leave in some of the Los Angeles players to provide comparisons. You will also notice the use of male and female in our fantasy articles. FanVictor only offers these two genders at the moment. MLQ […]