LEAGUE STATEMENT: Boise Grays Disband for 2018 Season

Major League Quidditch and the Boise Grays have arrived at the mutual decision to disband the franchise for the remainder of the 2018 season. Following reports of both player and referee misconduct at the Boise Grays vs. Salt Lake City series on June 16, MLQ launched an investigation. In addition to collecting statements from various […]

Week One: Rosters

It’s opening weekend! Don’t miss out on the action. If you’re in Indianapolis or Salt Lake City this weekend, drop by a match. If you can’t catch these matchups in person, watch live from the comfort of your own home. The 2018 MLQ season commences Saturday, June 2 at 12 pm ET with the Detroit […]

MLQ Announces Rule Changes for the 2018 Season

MLQ is immensely happy with last season’s additions and implementation of the reset rule, hard cap on game time and expansion of swatting rules. This season, we are announcing several new rules that we hope will enhance the changes made in previous years, as well as improve the quality of overall gameplay in the league. […]

MLQ Statistics: Beater PAR Explained

By Joshua Mansfield Statistics Coordinator This season, thanks to a dedicated group of team volunteers, we are privy to the fastest stat turnaround rate the league has ever seen. With this in place, the statistics we see have transformed from being merely season-to-season records to be kept to tools to be used for analytical purposes. […]

Exhibition Match Policy Introduced for 2017

  We at MLQ are incredibly enthusiastic about the crop of new summer teams, including the Minnesota Voyageurs and the Orlando Sirens, popping up across the country. While these teams are unaffiliated with our organization, we are always encouraged to see members of the quidditch community taking the initiative to increase the number of competitive […]

Seasonal Officials, EMT Compensation Increase

We can never thank our referees and snitches enough for the work that they do to keep our sport fair and enjoyable. To bolster incentives and stimulate growth in officials, MLQ will be increasing compensation per game for referees and snitches for this coming season. Compensation per game across referee and snitch positions this summer […]