Major League Quidditch is dedicated to the development of continued innovation within quidditch gameplay. With that goal in mind, the league is instituting the following additional regulations and changes to USQ Rulebook 9 section 3.3.6. “Delay of Game” for implementation in the exhibition match being played in Washington D.C. on Saturday, August 27th 2016. This is not an official MLQ rules change for the 2017 season, but simply an ideal opportunity to test a potential change in the future. We thank you all for your continued support and feedback. Over and Back Restriction

  1. On each possession, once a team has advanced the quaffle past the midfield line, they may only return the quaffle to their own side of the midfield line one time unless the over and back is cleared.
  2. If any of the following occur, then the over and back is cleared:
    i. The opposing team gains full and complete possession of the quaffle, including gaining possession after a goal is scored.
    ii. The opposing team kicks, rolls, passes or otherwise propels the quaffle across the midfield line, including cases where the opposing team strips the quaffle away from the player in possession and the quaffle rolls over the midfield line.
    iii. If the quaffle travels beyond the midfield line as a direct result of an attempt to score a goal through their opponents’s hoops, at the discretion of the referee.
  3. Player knockouts and loose balls do not result in the over and back being cleared.
  4. Any other rules that are affected by the above should be considered to be adjusted appropriately to maintain consistency in light of these changes.

Penalty: Turnover—When any player propels or carries the quaffle over the midfield line for the second time during the team’s offensive possession, the quaffle must be turned over to the closest eligible player of the opposing team to the point of the player who committed the foul.