MLQ is a national league that runs during the United States Quidditch (USQ) offseason. We aim to present quidditch in an elegant, highly-consumable form that mirrors other top sports leagues. MLQ features standardized schedules, high-level officiating, in-depth statistics and live or pre-recorded footage of all games.

When does a “season” run?
In order to avoid conflict with the USQ season, no MLQ games are played before the first of June, leaving teams time to organize and practice between the end of the USQ season and the beginning of the MLQ season. MLQ Championship–the tournament that decides the league champions–will be scheduled for August. The official league season runs from June 1 until August 31, approximately three months.

Who is eligible to join as a player?
Anyone is eligible to apply and try out for a MLQ team, but roster selection will be the decision of a team’s coach with assistance from the team manager as needed. The ideal candidate will spend the summer in the metropolitan area of the team for which they are trying out, however, each team has its own valid recruitment radius a player must reside within. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Do I have to be on a top-ranked USQ/IQA team to be eligible?
No. The purpose of this league is to put the best teams on the field, not the most popular players. All managers work to judge talent above all else during the team composition process.

What rulebook will be used for this league?
The league will follow the most current rulebook, as dictated by USQ. Currently, that is USQ Rulebook 11. We also strictly enforce the “Four-Maximum” Gender Rule:

“A quidditch game requires each team to have a maximum of four players who identify as the same gender, excluding the seeker. The gender that a player identifies with is considered to be that player’s gender, which may or may not be the same as that person’s sex. This is commonly referred to as the ‘four maximum’ rule. ”(Rulebook 11, Section 1.2.3)

What if someone gets injured?
Quidditch is a full-contact sport and injury is always a possibility. This is why personal health insurance is required for MLQ players. We will do everything possible to minimize injuries and ensure safety. We ask that players disclose any injuries received during a game or practice to their manager and/or coach so they may fill out an incident report, and we ask that players always see a doctor if necessary. If a player suffers from pre-existing injuries, we recommend consulting a doctor regarding the additional risks they may face if they decide to play in this league.

How much time will a player need to dedicate to this league?
In total, a team will have four weekends of competition: three regular-season series–one or two of which will require travel–and the playoffs (MLQ Championship) in August. Each series will feature three matches. Practice schedules will be decided at the discretion of each team’s manager and/or coach. While 100 percent attendance is not realistic and not expected, we do ask league members to attend as many practices and matches as possible.

What equipment do players to provide?
Game equipment is the responsibility of team managers. Players will be required to purchase a uniform through the league partner and bring their own mouth guard, cleats, gloves and water bottle. MLQ provides each team with a set of customized brooms for their series.

How much will the participation in the league cost?
Below is a rough estimate of the cost of one season in the league.
– Membership Dues: $900/team
– Uniform: $20-$56/person
– Travel: Variable

How are managers chosen?
Managers are carefully selected by league management. Potential candidates are chosen, first and foremost, based on their geographical location. They are then vetted before being contacted. Individuals contacted have proven to be reliable leaders and coordinators and have demonstrated a deep knowledge of the sport. To see which manager positions are currently open and to apply, check out our Volunteer page.

When will rosters be announced?
Initial team rosters are announced the first week of May each season. Teams have the option to leave five of their 30 spots open until June 1 for supplemental tryouts.

Why is there no team near me?
Realizing the scope of the task, league management made the decision to stick to a trial run of eight teams in 2015 in an area of the country we were comfortable overseeing. For the 2016 season, MLQ added eight more teams to its roster. Expansion will continue at slow and steady pace.

Is the league affiliated with USQ?
MLQ and USQ are official US National Team partners, however, that is the only existing partnerships between the two leagues. We respect everything USQ does for the sport but the very foundation of this league–a limited number of teams with a limited number of players–flies in the face of the competitive inclusiveness that is a cornerstone of USQ.

We intend to be very careful to avoid stepping on the toes of USQ. The MLQ season runs during the USQ and IQA offseason in America. MLQ events will be planned around major summer USQ or IQA tournaments, such as the IQA World Cup. We truly hope to have nothing but a positive relationship with USQ and IQA. To learn more about USQ and find a USQ team near you, head to their website.