It’s hard to believe that exactly a year ago this evening, we announced Major League Quidditch publicly for the very first time. I feel like I have been working on this league for decades, yet its beginning still feels like just yesterday. Either way, it undoubtedly feels incredibly rewarding.

On that evening, 365 days ago, I sat in the back of a lecture, completely ignoring its content, while rapidly updating the Facebook thread for the announcement on my phone. At that point in our league’s development, we were still working with a skeleton crew of volunteers, but as I saw the excitement in the comments that night, I knew we had the potential for so much more.

While the league very literally would not have existed without that original crew — who I will forever give my undying thanks for putting up with my ridiculous ideas and forming much saner ones themselves — it would not have thrived without many more volunteers buying in. Earlier today, I went back to that original thread and found that so many of the people that would become essential parts of our league were right there at the beginning. You had faith in our idea, you believed in its potential and you threw your support — both physically and mentally — behind it, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

With the incredible team of volunteers we assembled, we were able to do things never before done in the sport, from taking video of every match, to making livestreams of quidditch the norm, to recording statistics never before seen. The feedback was so positive from our original season that we felt confident doubling the size of the league and spreading it to both coasts in its second year.

Of course, such expansion comes with an even greater need for volunteers. Twice as many divisions means twice as many volunteers, and expansions in the statistics and fantasy departments call for even more. Our league would not have been what it was last season if it wasn’t for the effort of every last volunteer, from department directors to those that just input one game’s worth of statistics, and we hope that, if you are not already a volunteer, you might consider becoming one to help take our league to new heights.

So thank you to those that have volunteered in our league’s first season. Thank you to those who will volunteer in the year to come. And thank you to the fans, families and partners that have supported us every step of the way. Here’s to a fantastic year two!

Ethan Sturm