This morning’s match between the Detroit Innovators and the Cleveland Riff will be head refereed by Detroit Manager Alex Scheer and either Cleveland Manager Katie Milligan or Coach Daniel Daugherty.

This decision became necessary due to the loss of both a head referee and assistant referee for the game at 9:00 pm EDT on Friday night, August 7. The issue was immediately presented to both captains, and all potential options for replacement were rapidly exhausted over the course of the next few hours.

When all other routes of substitutes failed, rescheduling the match was considered. But due to travel cost and time already incurred by many Cleveland players at that point, the lack of time for rescheduling before the championship and the late hour of the the decision, playing the match with the team’s managers as referees was decided as the less disruptive option. The decision was run by the other managers in the league most affected by it before being finalized.

Which party will serve as head referee of game one and three will be determined by coin flip, with the other party serving as head referee of game two. Whichever team is not head refereeing each game will provide an assistant referee instead. Gameplay Director Mollie Lensing and Referee Coordinator Andrew Canto will be on-call to address any appeals or concerns that may emerge as a direct result.

We understand the serious nature of the matter, and do not take the decision lightly. The issue of referee interest and availability will be one of the very first addressed in the off-season. We thank you all for your continued support throughout the season. Any questions or concerns can be addressed to