On July 22, 2017, Major League Quidditch received a disciplinary report citing a verbal altercation between an MLQ player and an MLQ game official at the Austin Outlaws vs. League City Legends MLQ series. This altercation allegedly breached the MLQ Code of Conduct, and, as per policy, MLQ reviewed the incident. The MLQ Gameplay Department reviewed any information related to the incident that was made available to Gameplay and reached out to both parties involved for statements.

MLQ has reviewed all relevant and accessible information related to the incident. Upon review, it was confirmed that the player spoke with vulgar, violent, and destructive language to an MLQ game official at an MLQ event. MLQ considers its events to span all time related to an MLQ series during which individuals spend time at the predetermined location on the predetermined dates. MLQ considers its players to be ambassadors of our sport during their entire time with MLQand especially when in MLQ uniformand expects its players to exude exemplary behavior on and off the field. The clause covering off-field behavior and clarifying that off-field behavior is in scope for disciplinary action can be found in the Code of Conduct.

Following the above, the actions were confirmed to be classified under the clause in our Code of Conduct that covers violent language directed at an MLQ staff member, volunteer, or official. By our policy, violent language directed to the described above constitutes a suspension of three (3) games. Therefore, at this time, MLQ is enacting a three (3) game suspension for League City Legends player, Ryan Peavler, as a direct result of this incident. The player may not play on the field, stand within substitution or player (team bench) areas, nor act as a speaking captain during the next three (3) official games the League City Legends plays.

Requests for comment should be emailed to MLQ Media Coordinator Jack McGovern at press@mlquidditch.com.