MLQ is pleased to announce our roster of 2017 managers! We’re still seeking additional candidates for the non-playing role in a number of cities. If you’re interested, drop us an email at

Courtesy: Kerri Donnelly

Kerri Donnelly
New York
Almost always guaranteed to be the oldest in the room, Kerri Donnelly started to experiment with quidditch as a coed at Emerson College in 2009. Donnelly didn’t truly commit to the sport, however, until after graduation when she delved into the community as both a player and volunteer. In the last five years, she’s worn quite a few jerseys, but finds The Warrior’s blue fits her best. She has also served on the marketing and editorial teams for IQA, USQ, MLQ and The Eighth Man—despite the fact that all quidditch organizations are mistakenly against the Oxford Comma. A two-time New York Titan, Donnelly is excited to trade her PVC pipe for a red polo and help prove her team is as powerful as its namesake.

Credit: Tommy McPhail

Emily Mitchell
City: Washington DC
Notable Experience: Former President, VP and General Manager of Wizengamot at VCU; President and Manager of Richmond Ravens
Emily Mitchell first stumbled upon the sport in 2014 when she cheered friends on from the sidelines. Since then, she has served two years as an officer for the Wizengamot VCU team. Most recently, Mitchell has founded and manages the Richmond Ravens, a team that qualified for US Quidditch Cup 10 in its first year of existence. With her extensive management experience, passion for the sport and reputation throughout the Mid-Atlantic region as “team mom,” Mitchell will ensure the Washington Admirals have a successful season.


Katie Sharpe will be returning as manager for the 2017 Ottawa Black Bears. If you would like to join the MLQ staff as the manager of the back-to-back MLQ Champions, the Boston Night Riders, check out the requirements here under “Human Resources Department.”

Credit: Jessica Jiamin Lang

Harry Clarke
Rochester, New York
Past Experience: University of Rochester Thestrals Business Manager, Assistant Captain, Coach
Harry Clarke joined quidditch in the Fall of 2011, a year that was a turning point for the quidditch community. Starting as a chaser, Clarke didn’t truly find his niche in the sport until World Cup V when he played beater for the first time. Since then, he has played a pivotal role in the growth of the University of Rochester Thestrals as Business Manager, Assistant Captain and Coach. Clarke brings all of his logistical experience and love for Rochester quidditch with him to the position of Rochester Whiteout Manager for 2017.


Ali Markus will be returning as the manager of the Indianapolis Intensity and Eric Wasser will once again manage the Detroit Innovators. If you would like to join the MLQ staff as the Cleveland Riff manager, check out the requirements here under “Human Resources Department.”

Courtesy: Kristin Boyd

Kristin Boyd
League City, Texas
Past Experience: 2016 League City Legends Assistant Manager
Kristin Boyd first joined Texas Tech University’s quidditch team as a beater in 2011. In addition to working as a community advisor and student research assistant at Texas Tech, Boyd is the editor of the yearbook at University of Houston-Clear Lake, where she is currently a clinical psychology graduate student. Boyd is no stranger to the League City Legends. Last season, she served as assistant manager and was a key piece to the team’s success. Along with her experience working directly with the Legends, Boyd brings her enthusiasm and love for the community to her new promotion to manager this season.

Courtesy: Melanie Du Mont

Melanie Du Mont
New Orleans, La.
Melanie Du Mont has been a dedicated quidditch volunteer since the birth of Tulane University’s quidditch team in 2013. While Du Mont has not played the sport herself, she has spent countless hours organizing local tournaments, traveling to tournaments both in and out of state and volunteering as a time/scorekeeper in over 80 matches. Du Mont’s experience as a student manager and senior administrative aid for Tulane’s marching band and her passion for the New Orleans quidditch community will make her an excellent manager for the New Orleans Curse.


If you would like to join the MLQ staff as the Austin Outlaws or Kansas City Stampede manager, check out the requirements here under “Human Resources Department.”

Credit: Morgan Parent

Danika Bond
Salt Lake City
Past Experience: 2017 Snow Cup Tournament Director, Crimson Fliers General Manager
Having been the manager of the Utah Crimson Elite and Crimson Fliers, Danika Bond is extremely familiar with the Utah quidditch community. In the first half of the 2016-17 USQ season, Bond hosted two very successful tournaments: Crimson Cup and Snow Cup VII. When she’s not directing tournaments, Bond also captains the Crimson Fliers and is a USQ-certified head referee. Bond brings her experience those leadership roles and her connections within the community to the manager position of Salt Lake City Hive.

Credit: Seabass Photography

Elizabeth Barcelos
San Francisco
Past Experience: USQ West Regional Coordinator, North California Quidditch Conference (NCQC) Commissioner
Elizabeth Barcelos began her quidditch career at San Jose State University in fall of 2013, becoming a captain later that year. She helped lead the team to their first and only international appearance at World Cup 7. She remained with the team in a variety of leadership roles until she graduated and left San Jose in 2016. She became best known as a tournament director, creating events such as Hella Fantasy and Best Coast Classic. Barcelos founded the Northern California Quidditch Conference in 2015, a ten-team conference dedicated to the promotion of the sport in Northern California. She also became USQ West Regional Coordinator that fall. She held both the conference leader and regional coordinator roles until October 2016. Barcelos is excited to return to the sport and looks forward to putting her skills to work in the service of taking Northern California quidditch and, in turn, the San Francisco Argonauts to the next level.

If you would like to join the MLQ staff as the Los Angeles Guardians or Phoenix Sol manager, check out the requirements here under “Human Resources Department.”