For the past five weeks, MLQ Commission Co-Chairs Amanda Dallas and Ethan Sturm have worked with Events Director Kara Levis to evaluate each of the three MLQ Championship bid finalists. Following numerous discussions with city officials and staff, we are excited to announce the selection of League City, Texas as the host for the 2016 Major League Quidditch Championship. The City of League City will host the event Aug. 20 – 21, 2016 at Hometown Heroes Park.

The city and facility staff have been incredibly responsive and supportive throughout the bid evaluation process.

“Major League Quidditch is thrilled to be partnering with League City to host our marquee event,” Sturm said. “Our experiences with the staff and people of the city have been incredibly positive. League City is everything we could have asked for in a host city, and we cannot wait to bring our staff, players and fans to Hometown Heroes Park in August to show them what the city has to offer.”

In response to the news of the selection, Mark Rohr, City Manager of League City, expressed his support.

“The City of League City is excited to serve as the host for the 2016 Major League Quidditch Championship,” Rohr said. “This announcement is a big win for our community and will have a positive impact on our local economy. We look forward to working with the league and hosting a successful event.”

Sturm and Levis ventured to Texas in mid-March to explore League City and the facilities at Hometown Heroes Park. The park offers three full-size soccer fields, as well as a small practice field, and players will have limited indoor access to escape the summer heat. All facilities at Hometown Heroes Park are remarkably well-cared for, and the staff was exceptionally well-prepared to offer the best event experience possible.

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On August 20 – 21, the teams of MLQ will travel to Hometown Heroes Park to compete in the 2016 MLQ Championship in League City, TX. Credit: Mike Retif, Ethan Sturm


The city itself boasts an array of opportunities. The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center and Kemah Boardwalk are just a short venture from the fields, and abundant access to Clear Creek is ideal for anyone looking to embrace the natural sights of the city. The charm of a small town in the midst of rapid expansion and development captivated the staff, marking a poetic parallel with the growth of our young sport.

“There are few cities in the world that embody the kind of exponential growth our sport has seen in the way that League City does,” Sturm said.

Texas has long been a desirable tournament destination for the quidditch community, and we are thrilled to be able to offer a major championship event that features the home of some of the sport’s most historically competitive teams.

“League City hosting the MLQ Championship is a dream come true,” said City Council Member and League City Legends Manager Hank Dugie. “We’re excited for the opportunity to show some true Texan hospitality and to bring world class quidditch to our fans.”

The League City press release is available here.

MLQ would like to thank Mark Rohr, Derek Hughes, Angel Lopez, Chien Wei, Hank Dugie and the staff of Hometown Heroes Park for their assistance and support in the bid evaluation process. We look forward to working with you in the coming months.
If you have any questions about the 2016 MLQ Championship or the league’s bid selection, please visit our Event Bidding page at mlquidditch.com/eventbidding or email Events Director Kara Levis at mlquidditch@gmail.com.