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Since the first time I set my eyes on quidditch in November 2010, I have been privileged to be personally on-hand for many of the sport’s greatest moments and monumental milestones. Today, I believe we at MLQ are granted the opportunity to announce a tournament that will undoubtedly be another one of these occasions. By bringing the Major League Quidditch Championship to League City, we are able to not only make the long overdue choice to bring a major international quidditch tournament to Texas, but to also bring it to a city uniquely prepared to embrace our sport, its players and its culture.

Few cities can relate to the incredible growth our sport has seen in its brief lifespan the way League City can. In the same 10 years that quidditch went from being played on one college campus to being regularly played on six continents, League City went from a population of about 50,000 to one of over 100,000, with a lot of room to grow. It’s a city that thrives on expansion and on change, one yearning for an event to help embody that desire. It’s a community with a school district of 41,000 students, young minds prepared to become the next generation of our sport. Quite simply, it’s a place ready to welcome all of us with open arms, and one we’re incredibly excited to introduce to you all.

However, this is still Texas we are talking about, and its August temperatures regularly sit in the mid-90s. Humidity coming off the Gulf Coast doesn’t make things any easier. That said, the safety of our players never at any point left the forefront of our minds during this selection process, and will remain there throughout our planning. We will be able to offer our players access to indoor, air-conditioned facilities throughout the day, assemble shade structures at the fields, schedule around the heat of the day whenever possible and keep a steady supply of water on hand at all times. The health of our players has and always will be our number one priority, and we intend to show that in everything we do throughout the championship weekend.

When I first had the idea for MLQ, I dreamt it would be big, but I never imagined it would get so big so fast. It’s only through the incredible dedication of our players, volunteers and partners that such development has been possible. I am so excited to finally be able to say out loud that League City is the latest partner we can add to this list. Thank you all for your continued faith and support. I cannot wait to see you in Texas.

3-31-2016 9-18 AM (1)
Ethan Sturm
Major League Quidditch