Credit: Seabass Photography


The top 12 out of 16 MLQ teams, based on regular-season performance, will be invited to the 2017 MLQ Championship Weekend.

In each division, the team ranked fourth out of four by regular-season performance will not qualify. The 12 teams attending MLQ Championship will be seeded based on regular-season performance into one single-elimination tournament of best two-out-of-three matches, which will ensue throughout the two-day tournament until one team walks away with the Benepe Cup.

Since each place in the single-elimination bracket will be a best-of-three series, all teams competing will be guaranteed a minimum of two games.

“We believe this alteration to the MLQ Championship will not only make the regular season more competitive and increase the importance of winning those series, but will also up the level of parity at, and lower the structural risk of, Championship,” said MLQ Gameplay Director Edgar Pavlovsky.

Further questions on this topic can be directed to Pavlovsky at gameplay@mlquidditch.com.