Credit: Brianna Marian

Credit: Brianna Marian

Like super foods and clean eating, mobility is one of those trendy yet esoteric terms popping up everywhere in the sports and fitness industries. So what does it actually mean? Mobility is the body’s ability to move freely and easily. Joint mobility is incredibly important for sports performance; inadequate hip mobility can lead to a shortened stride, for instance, while shoulder immobility can hinder your throwing capability. Limited mobility can also increase your risk for injury. While most people have limited range of motion in their shoulders, hips and ankles, there are a few simple exercises that can improve your overall mobility:




You can do these exercises before any workout, preferably at least three times a week. They may seem like small steps to take but these exercises will pay off big on the pitch. Increased mobility will help you utilize the muscles in your body more efficiently, so you can last longer in a game or series.