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What started as one player’s dream in Word format is now the future of quidditch. Major League Quidditch (MLQ) got its start in 2015 via Facebook chat when long-time quidditch player Ethan Sturm sent his to proposal to Amanda Dallas, the Editor-in-Chief of his quidditch analysis website, The Eighth Man.

Dallas and Sturm then recruited the best and brightest in the sport to fill directorial and managerial roles within the league. In just under six months, MLQ went from idea to reality with over 200 players, 20 staff members and eight managers signed up for the inaugural season.

MLQ aims to establish a tradition that embodies the competitive spirit of quidditch. We hope to be a league our members, fans and home cities will point to with pride.

MLQ consists of 16 teams in four divisions. The East Division is home to the Boston Night Riders, New York Titans, Ottawa Black Bears and Washington Admirals, while the North Division features Cleveland Riff, the Detroit Innovators, Indianapolis Intensity and Rochester Whiteout. The West Division is home to the Boise Grays, Los Angeles Guardians, Salt Lake City Hive and San Francisco Argonauts and the South Division houses the Austin Outlaws, Kansas City Stampede, League City Legends and New Orleans Curse.

Each of these team locations was chosen based on population, existing sports culture, relative distance from other franchises and existing quidditch community.