The Major League Quidditch Commission recognizes high-quality officiation and snitching is paramount to the success of the league. To this end, referee information and resources will be handled by seasoned referee Andrew Canto and the International Referee Development Program

The IRDP is an organization formed for the express purpose of the certification of consistent and competent referees around the world. Through the usage of online and in-person tests, constant evaluation and re-evaluation, the IRDP’s focus is to provide all leagues with the highest quality of referees available.

Snitch coordination and development will be handled by veteran snitch Mason Kuzmich. Each MLQ match will require a highly-skilled and experienced snitch to match the talent of our players. Certification is not required, but you will have to try out for the position.

MLQ’s current business model accounts for the most generous gameday staff payment plan in our sport's history. We understand the value of quality refereeing and snitching and the dedication and time our sport's officials put in. We wanted to make sure to reward that and get our teams the best officiating possible.

Payments for the 2015 season will be:
- Head Referee: $20
- Two Assistant Referees: $10
- One Snitch Referee: $10
- One Snitch: $10

We hope that this will lead to an increase in interested parties and, in turn, an increased willingness to train and develop under the lead referee organization in our sport. To help make further improvements to the quality of officials, we will be using quantitative analysis and videos to evaluate referees and snitches and provide them with feedback. 

If you are interested in getting involved, check out the below links.