Credit: Jenna Bollweg

We can never thank our referees and snitches enough for the work that they do to keep our sport fair and enjoyable. To bolster incentives and stimulate growth in officials, MLQ will be increasing compensation per game for referees and snitches for this coming season. Compensation per game across referee and snitch positions this summer will be as follows:

Head Referee: $30
Assistant Referee: $10
Snitch Referee: $10
Snitch Runner: $15

Additionally, MLQ will now be paying EMTs and athletic trainers for their assistance at MLQ series. Traditionally volunteer roles, EMTs and athletic trainers will now be paid $20 per series, with one EMT or athletic trainer allocated to each series.

Interested in refereeing or snitching this summer? Don’t wait: Sign up early to get priority for your preferred series. If you’re interested in serving as an EMT or athletic trainer for a series, contact Lisle Coleman at