Photo Credit: Loring Masters

Credit: Loring Masters

Major League Quidditch’s Gameplay Department looks forward to working with US Quidditch’s Rulebook 9 for the 2016 season.

However, MLQ’s Gameplay Department continues to look for opportunities to amend the current iteration of the rulebook to maximize its efficacy for the particular needs of our league.

For the 2015 season, one of the notable amendments made was the removal of the snitch from overtime. With concerns rising that the snitch was overvalued in the extra period at its original 30 points, MLQ’s 2015 season saw overtimes decided purely on quaffle points scored.

Our Gameplay Department continues to re-evaluate the rules of the sport, including those created by our own league, to ensure the optimal regulations for our organization. After reviewing the results of last year’s gameplay with no snitch in overtime, MLQ is excited to bring the snitch back to overtime for the 2016 season with a modified point value of 15 points.

The seeker floor in overtime will be one minute long, and overtime will either run for five minutes, or until the snitch is caught, whichever comes first. In the event that the score is still tied when the period ends, there will be a sudden-death double overtime, in which either a quaffle score or snitch catch — valued at 15 points — wins the game for the scoring team. The snitch will still be worth its original 30-point value in regular play.

Major League Quidditch will also be maintaining the timeout rule developed for the 2015 season this season with no changes.

Our Gameplay Department is excited to see the new policy put into practice and, as always, encourages commentary and feedback on all rules and regulations from both the player and fan bases.

See you on the pitch!