Last week, the MLQ Gameplay Department announced its first major change to the sport with the addition of timeouts. This week, our talented team of veterans in the world of gameplay policy is excited to announce a second.

The value of the snitch grab in our sport has long been debated by our player base, with many finding it to be too overvalued or game-deciding. In a nod to such concerns, the 2015 MLQ season will be played with no snitch in the overtime period.

All overtimes will feature 5 minutes of quaffle and bludger play, with the game ending at the 5-minute mark. If double overtime is needed, the snitch will be returned for that period. This change will have no effect on the rules of the regulation period.

Our gameplay team is excited to see how the new policy will play out and encourages commentary on the subject from both the player and fan bases. We hope to make this MLQ season one of the most exciting and well-run in quidditch history and cannot do it without your help.

See you on the pitch!