Join the Team Behind the Team

By Elizabeth Barcelos San Francisco Argonauts Manager Here’s my dirty little secret about being a quidditch volunteer: I never believe in doing something for free if it doesn’t benefit me in some way. While being paid is the goal, money comes and goes–and goes, and goes when you have student loans and rent to pay–but […]

Gameplay Department Staff Update

MLQ Gameplay Director Mollie Lensing has announced that she will be stepping down. Current Head of Statistics Edgar Pavlovsky has accepted a promotion to the position, and Gameplay Analyst Joshua Mansfield will take on the role of head of statistics. All changes will take effect immediately. “It became apparent to me that I was not […]

Why Should You Come to MLQ Fantasy?

By MLQ Management When envisioning our championship weekend, it was important to all of us that the event was not just a celebration of the league, but also of the community. We wanted to make it an opportunity for people to bond, to make connections and to become even more immersed, whether it was hanging […]