MLQ’s 16 teams will use the month of April to run a series of tryouts in order to put together the strongest 30-player roster possible. Initial rosters will be announced publicly on May 1. Managers may leave up to five spots open for athletes trying out during the month of May. Names of athletes rostering for those last five spots must be submitted no later than June 1. Written commitment from each drafted athlete stating they will play for the given team for the duration of the season, as well as a signed waiver, will be required for a team to play an athlete during the season.

Each team’s roster will, as previously mentioned, be capped at 30 athletes, with 21 participating in each match series and the championship tournament.  A minimum of six minority-gender players must be selected by each team to count toward their total active roster.

Players are selected based on their tryout performance. Each athlete must meet the following requirements:

  • Attend an in-person tryout or submit a video tryout.
  • Reside within a city’s radius at least 38 days between June 1 and August 12. Exceptions can be made only through an appeal to the Commissioners and Gameplay Director.

As mentioned, there are two ways to try out for an MLQ team, and all interested players must try out through one of the two methods:

Register for and attend an in-person tryout.

  • Each MLQ team will be scheduling at least one tryout within its recruiting area.
  • Interested players are required to attend at least one of their city’s tryouts but are encouraged to attend as many as possible.
  • If you are trying out for one team, attending the tryout of another team will not fulfill your tryout requirement.
  • The details of the tryout itinerary will be left to the manager and/or coaches of the team to allow them to most effectively assess their options.
  • Detailed locations and times will be specified on team pages, team Facebooks and in Facebook events.

Submit a video tryout.

  • All video tryouts are due by April 15 at 11:59 pm ET.
  • All video tryouts will include a standard portion and a team-specific supplement.
  • All videos should be sent in an email to the desired team with the subject line “(Name) (Team Name) Tryout.” The body of the email must include the player’s name, position, gender, USQ/Quidditch Canada/IQA seasonal team (if applicable) and address of residence for the summer.
  • The standardized section of all video tryouts should include:
    • Footage of at least two full games from the past year in which a player participated. Additional games are encouraged but not required.
      • In the body of the email, please provide timestamps of when the player was on pitch and a description of the play that takes place during each timestamp.
      • These are not highlight films. Please only send complete or nearly-complete game footage.
      • If you have not played in the last year, please explain why in the body of the email.
    • Footage of the supplemental sections for each team. Please find the team you intend to try out for below, click the name and follow the directions given. Do not forget to include the standardized part as well. Note that the ability of any practice partner will be observed in all footage, and your relative success will be judged accordingly.

Austin and League City’s recruitment territory overlaps, however, that overlapping portion will go to League City. Cleveland’s recruitment territory will contain all of Ohio, Pittsburgh, Penn. and any portion of Pennsylvania west of Pittsburgh. Though not pictured, Rochester’s recruitment territory will include all of Toronto.