Credit: Jessica Jiamin Lang
Credit: Jessica Jiamin Lang

Below we have listed the most the common excuses for non-participation in this critical portion of quidditch:

I Don't Know Enough About the Rules
Everyone has to start somewhere. Not to worry! The IRDP's main goal is to certify as many elite referees as possible. To this end, they have produced a suite of resources for you to study up on before attempting a written test.

I Don't Have the Time
Becoming a referee is the perfect slot for those with busy schedules. Referees are scheduled based on their availability. You may ref as many or as few games as you desire.

I Don't Have the Personality
Yes you do. If you care about the sport in the least bit--and you obviously do if you're perusing the referee and snitch page--you have the personality.

I'd Look Silly in the Zebra Stripes
SAVAGEUltimate has an answer to that.

I'd Make Mistakes
Everyone does (even those of who have been officiating since the birth of our sport). The important thing is to approach refereeing with enthusiasm and enjoyment (and we can team you up with an experienced team of assistant referees to help you through the initial learning process).

Now that we've addressed all your concerns, let us remind you what you will receive in return:

  • Enjoyment
  • Exercise
  • A sense of belonging
  • A wealth of quidditch knowledge
  • A small fan club of players and MLQ employees who think you're great for helping to further the sport they (we) love

One final note... If you still don't think you are the right kind of person for this job: You took the time to read this whole page. That means you care. That means you are exactly the right kind of person. We look forward to reviewing your application!