By MLQ Management

When envisioning our championship weekend, it was important to all of us that the event was not just a celebration of the league, but also of the community. We wanted to make it an opportunity for people to bond, to make connections and to become even more immersed, whether it was hanging out at the after-party on Saturday night or playing with new people at our Sunday fantasy tournament.

But we also understand that fantasy tournaments are everywhere right now, and as the summer winds down, you can only stretch yourself so thin. But here is why MLQ Fantasy is the best choice in the country for your final tournament of the summer season.

1. The Player Pool
With the exception of THE Fantasy, you are not going to find a more talented, competitive pool of players all summer than the ones who will be competing at MLQ Fantasy. And not just at the top of the draft, which will be filled with Team USA talent, but all the way through every team, with elite MLQ players that have stayed away from fantasy all season jumping into the fray.
And it is not just how talented the teams will be, but how regionally diverse. MLQ teams hailing from the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes and Canada—teams that also carry talent from programs in the Southwest, West and even France—will all be contributing players, with a contingent of Southwest volunteers making its way up to play as well. This will not be your token single car from another region showing up, but large swathes of players from widely dispersed sections of this country and beyond.
If you want the chance to meet and play with people from teams across the country, or even the world, this is the place to be.

2. The Free Swag
Admission to MLQ Fantasy is $20, which seems to have become about the industry standard for fantasy tournaments. But here in Toledo, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. Along with getting to play in one of the summer’s most competitive fantasy tournaments, you get a free T-shirt from Savage designed specifically for the event, as well as free admission to the MLQ Championship on Saturday, where you will see the inaugural Major League Quidditch Champion crowned. Quidditch is not meant to be watched online, so come out, take in some high-quality quidditch, get a free shirt and then play some quidditch yourself.

3. One Last Tune-Up for the USQ Season
September, and the USQ season, are right around the corner, and no matter how much time you have put in, you can never be too prepared. Worried that you are on the borderline for your local community team? Here is a chance for some extra minutes of high-quality quidditch. Considering trying out beating for the first time? When better than right before things get serious for the season, with some of the best beaters in the sport to help you along the way. Want to test out a new strategy or tactic or see how referees are calling Rulebook 9? You can do it all right here.

4. A Referee or Snitch 2-for-1
Sometimes it can be tough to justify traveling just to volunteer as a referee or snitch. And sometimes it can be difficult to justify traveling just to play in fantasy. But MLQ Championship Weekend gives you the chance to do both. Spend Saturday volunteering, covering some of your travel expenses in the process, and then play some quidditch on Sunday. Get a chance to snitch against some of the sport’s best seekers or practice refereeing under Rulebook 9 on Sunday. During MLQ Championship Weekend, you can do a little bit of everything.

5. The After-Party
Good chances to socialize around quidditch tournaments are getting sparser and sparser each year. People seem to be arriving later and leaving earlier, and even the World Cup party could only offer a couple of hours. But Saturday night provides the perfect opportunity for everyone in town to come together for a good time. With no need to leave before Sunday and no concerns about being well-rested before the MLQ Championship, it’s the perfect combination of circumstances for a good time for all.

6. Help Expand MLQ into the Future
When it comes down to it, this weekend is a turning point in what Major League Quidditch can be. The bigger this weekend gets, the bigger we can go in future years. And while the league doesn’t currently affect everyone nationwide, expansion is coming, and success here will lay the foundation for a larger and more expansive league in the future, creating a positive effect on the product we can bring you all in 2016 and beyond. So don’t miss out!

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We’ll see you in Toledo.