Working Out without a Gym

School’s out for summer. But for some, that means gym time is over too. While student athletes can take advantage of college gyms during the school year, most local gyms don’t offer monthly memberships for the summer. Or perhaps you have too many other financial obligations to afford the expense. But that’s no reason to […]

Mobility and Why it Matters

Like super foods and clean eating, mobility is one of those trendy yet esoteric terms popping up everywhere in the sports and fitness industries. So what does it actually mean? Mobility is the body’s ability to move freely and easily. Joint mobility is incredibly important for sports performance; inadequate hip mobility can lead to a shortened […]

Fantasy Tournament Survival 101

A tournament is a tournament no matter how small. While fantasy tournaments are more fun and laid back compared to tournaments during the competitive season, it’s still important to prep yourself for the wear and tear of a full day of quidditch. Here are some of my tips and tricks to survive fantasy tournaments this […]