On August 19, 20 and 21 of 2016, Major League Quidditch will bring a huge influx of athletes to the city of League City, Texas. League City has been an amazing partner for our event so far, with their staff eagerly anticipating the event and working tirelessly to make sure all our athletes’ needs can be met. One of these most critical needs is event housing.

MLQ Events Director Kara Levis has been working with the city to negotiate with local hotels for competitive group rates. As League City is partnering with MLQ for the 2016 Championship, we want to ensure that our athletes acknowledge their hospitality and efforts to accommodate our event.

The 2016 MLQ Stay and Play Policy has two key purposes:

  1. Provide a direct financial return to the city as a result of our event. League City is our partner; not Houston or any other surrounding areas. We want to make sure our players and staff stay at hotels within the city.
  2. Respect and loyalty for our partner. As with many professional partnerships, we want to maintain an air of exclusivity with the City of League City during the event. They are doing a tremendous amount of work to facilitate the event, and we want to recognize that dedication through loyalty.

For these reasons, all MLQ teams, with the singular exception of the League City Legends, will be held to the following policy:

All team affiliates and season staff of MLQ* traveling to the 2016 MLQ Championship will be required to stay at official MLQ sanctioned hotels within the city limits of League City, Texas for a minimum of two (2) nights between the dates of August 19 and August 21, 2016. All required reservations must be submitted to the MLQ sanctioned hotels no later than Thursday, July 28, 2016. Team affiliates to which this policy applies include and are limited to: rostered players for the 2016 MLQ Championship, rostered players for the 2016 MLQ season (whether they have participated in an official game in the 2016 season or not), non-playing coaches, non-playing captains, managers and assistant managers.

*Season staff of MLQ does not include event staff or volunteers, such as non-playing referees, snitches, photographers, videographers or other single-day positions. However, we do recommend that these volunteers reserve rooms at MLQ sanctioned hotels for proximity to fields and available discounts.

A list of MLQ sanctioned hotels will be released soon, with details for reserving rooms. Any team affiliate who wishes to propose a hotel within the city limits of League City that may be an ideal housing option can submit their recommendation to at any point prior to the reservation deadline. All recommendations will be reviewed by MLQ staff, and a response sent with final rulings on the eligibility of the suggested option as an MLQ sanctioned hotel.

Reservations required through the 2016 MLQ Stay and Play Policy must be made prior to 11:59 pm ET on Thursday, July 28. After this time, any additional reservations will be ineligible for negotiated discounts and group rates. Managers will be informed of the reservation process as soon as rates are finalized. Reservations will be made directly with the hotels; we will not have a third party travel agency.

Any team affiliates who wish to be exempted from the 2016 MLQ Stay and Play Policy may submit a waiver for review by MLQ staff. The primary purpose of the waiver will be to allow individuals to stay with close relatives who live in the League City area. Exemptions will be made on an individual basis; the waiver may not be used to grant exemption to a full team. Waivers must be submitted by Monday, July 25.

Submit a 2016 MLQ Stay and Play Waiver here.

Failure to comply with the 2016 MLQ Stay and Play Policy may result in disqualification of the violating team from participation in the 2016 MLQ Championship.