We at Major League Quidditch could not be prouder of everything that our league has accomplished in its inaugural season. Thanks to incredible players, managers, staff and partners, we have had the ability both to accomplish things we never could have dreamed of and to quickly respond to the speed bumps along the way. Our trial run season was by no means perfect, but it has given us the confidence that the league is something that is both needed and desired going forward. It is because of this success that we can, with pride and confidence, announce the expansion of our league for the 2016 season.

Building upon 2015’s two-division, eight-team league, we will add two more divisions and eight more teams for 2016. The new divisions will be located on the West Coast – centered around California – and in the southern United States – centered around Texas. Exact city locations, managers and brands will be named at a later date.

There will be no new cities added to the East and North divisions in the 2016 season. Ottawa, Boston, New York, Washington DC, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis and Rochester will all retain their teams after strong showings of support for the league in its inaugural season. Further expansion in these divisions will be considered in the future.

We thank you all for your continued support as we take steps toward a more ambitious, national league in the year to come.

Please submit all questions about the expansion to Ethan Sturm and Amanda Dallas at Staff openings will be posted at a later date.