Credit: Jessica Jiamin Lang

Update: Based on feedback received from MLQ staff, potential players and spectators, MLQ has updated and further clarified our practice policy. You can find the full 2017 policy on practice and the practice squad here.

At MLQ, we understand the value of preparing for the future. While 30-player teams are quite deep to begin with, many rosters have had minimal turnover in the past two seasons, leaving little room for younger players to develop. This trend has left us concerned about how these teams will continue successfully in the future.

With these concerns in mind, we are introducing the addition of practice squads to the MLQ team structure. These squads will allow teams to grow the next generation of quidditch stars and help develop the sport at the highest level.

For the 2017 MLQ season, practice squads will exist as follows:

  • Each MLQ team will be allowed up to a 14-player practice squad. Practice squad members can be replaced if they leave the program by the manager of a team emailing departures and replacements to
  • Members of the practice squad must participate in the team’s regular tryout(s) and must sign all waivers associated with doing so.
  • Practice squad players are restricted by the same radius rules as active roster players, but can submit the same radius-related waivers.
  • Coaches can name players to the practice squad throughout the regular season, provided the player participated in tryouts, paid their dues and would not exceed the team’s 14-player cap for the practice squad. All practice squad rosters must be registered with MLQ by emailing
  • Practice squad players will be allowed to participate in all team practices per the head coach’s discretion, but are not part of the team’s 30-player active roster and cannot be added to a team’s match series or championship roster. They are also not allowed on the team’s sideline during matches but are encouraged to attend matches.

The cost of a practice squad membership for the 2017 MLQ season will be $15 per player. This entire price will be recycled back to the player, covering their insurance for the season and a custom, limited-edition practice squad shirt by SAVAGEUltimate that can only be acquired as a member of a team’s practice squad.